Chaga mushroom Flavor. How to determine the naturalness of the product

Taste of chaga water infusions

Teas from chaga prized since ancient times in Russia for the healing properties, helps to get rid of their ailments. But gourmets featured chaga tea for a special bouquet. Infusion had brown color and contained all the smells of the forest with a aftertaste of morning dew.

This flavor is tea properly assembled and prepared for welding raw. Consider how this should be done

  • Chaga growths separated from the living trunk with an ax birch and immediately treated. Remove all pieces of birch bark and wood, as well as the most light and fluffy layer adjacent to the trunk. It little nutrients, so to produce high quality raw materials are taking only the top (referred to as sclerotia) and the middle part.
  • The remaining part must be firm and intensely colored. Sclerotia should be black, middle part - dark brown. They are cut into pieces
  • Then raw material is ground into pieces of 3-6 cm and dried. It is also an important point to produce healing drink good taste. It is important not to give chaga become moldy, otherwise the tea will then be given to mold. Pathogenic microbes infest very quickly in moist pieces chaga, especially if the drying is carried out in a cold and unventilated room. But in the oven to dry it is also impossible not to destroy the biologically active substances.
  • It is made by this way dried in a warm, dry room with good ventilation to such a state of hardness, when the raw material starts to be crumbled

Fold the dried chaga in glass jars under dense cover or in sealed paper bags or bags made of cotton fabric. So you can store chaga retaining all of its beneficial properties for 2 years.

Russian quality standards chaga

But to harvest chaga are few. Most of us go to the pharmacy or online shopping for drugs from the chaga. Do we buy a natural product? Unfortunately no.

The market offers a huge selection of therapeutic forms of chaga, both domestic and foreign production. How to make sure that you have purchased is a natural product and not a fake? For if it is a powder, the deal is very difficult. Appearance and smell can fool.

There is a more objective criterion for evaluating authenticity of the medicinal product - the presence of a distinctive active ingredient. Many potent herbs have a "quality mark" - an ingredient found only in their composition:

  • Golden Root - rosavin;
  • Maral root - ecdysteroids;
  • Lemongrass - schisandrine.

Chaga also has the hallmark: the unique chromogenic complex. It cannot be counterfeited, cannot be obtained by artificial means, it will not make by any more one plant world.

The presence of this complex in the proposed a preparation and will be the proof of the natural product. A quantitative indication of the presence of a chromogenic complex - an indicator of its quality. The greater the concentration - the higher the quality.

Imported products of the chaga

Often chaga compositions, especially imported, do not contain this information. Sometimes - because of the fact that the import manufacturers find more relevant information to the other - not about the composition and use of a product, sometimes because we have different the quality standards

On chaga products of Chinese origin is not always specified chromogenic complex, and indicated other substances. For example, in the description of the extracts of Chinese chaga on Aliexpress indicated only one active ingredient - polysaccharides and their percentage

Thus, the term "chromogenic complex" can be considered obsolete. Although many domestic manufacturers still indicate this substance.

If chaga products are used as food supplements for the productions of such analysis laboratories use very different methods for determining the composition of the product, so chromogenic complex may be combined with polysaccharides in a group.

How to determine the naturalness chaga

Let’s to sum up how to make in natural chaga:

  1. As part of raw pieces only have to be black and dark brown part.
  2. If you specify a chromogenic complex, then you are lucky, it's definitely a natural product composed of active ingredients. But the absence of the term does not mean the opposite.
  3. Buy the products of Russian producers to protect themselves against counterfeits. Domestic production is based on the collection chaga in environmentally friendly forests of Siberia, Khakassia, Kamchatka and the Far East, and are used in the manufacture of techniques, preserving the maximum content of nutrients.

Recipe useful infusion

How to make a tincture of chaga:

  • Clean the raw, cover with cold boiled water so that it covered it one and a half centimeters. Leave for six hours. It is necessary to soften the chaga.
  • Then chop chaga in a meat grinder. Fill in the same water, heated to 50 degrees (check the temperature, it is important). The proportion is as follows: 1 part chaga - 5 parts water. Leave for 2 hours.
  • Drain off, squeeze out and top up to the original volume with warm water to get enough,saturated but not heavy drink.
  • Take 3 times a day for a glass before a meal. The infusion retains maximum activity only 2 days. Then, prepare the other. This infusion can also be used for inhalation (breathing in the vapors) and douching.

It should be noted that it is not tea, it is an tincture used for medicinal purposes, such as a cancer. It is therefore imperative to consult with your doctor about the duration of the reception, concentration and dose.