The history of shelf fungus useful properties discovery

4600 years of history

Apply chaga as medicine began at least 4,600 years ago, that's when the cult of the means appeared in China. "God's gift", "king of herbs" - so called in the East chaga and consume it as a healing remedy all these millennia.

Chronicle give a vivid example of the application of chaga Rusichi already in the 12th century. Kiev Duke Vladimir Monomakh was cured of cancer lips by chaga infusions.

The first clinical trial

Official medical science has paid attention to the chaga in 50-ies of the XIX century. In the clinic of the Moscow Medical Institute worked famous doctor Inozemtsev, he gave the "start" in the official medicine this mushroom. Having experienced patients clinic is a folk remedy in the 1857-58 years, he stated, the general condition of patients with cancer invariably improves. However, shelf fungus could not remove the pain in the last stages of the disease as expected, but the results of clinical trials have attracted the attention

Chaga is the official medicament

Versatile studying chaga was finished in 1955, the official recognition of the chaga medicament in the USSR. We decided to set up production of this fungus on an industrial scale for the mass production of medicines. Technology implies this: infecting birch planting mushroom spores for industrial scale for the mass production of medicines. Technology implies infecting birch planting mushroom spores.

The Polish research

2-polyaki.jpgRussian chaga researchers in 50th years found in Poland actively continued. Maybe because it's the mushroom region and people have a long tradition of treating a variety of mushrooms. In the course were the recipes of truffles, fly agarics and different tinder

The modern science of chaga

The study of chaga, of course, continues today. New discoveries made Ukrainian researchers have proved the positive effects of birch fungus on brain activity, increasing its activity. Second - Chaga helps the body cope with the effects of radiation.

Studies of Japanese scientists have set high immunomodulation and antiviral properties of birch fungus.

On the basis of birch fungus is now established medicines, officially permitted by Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for use in the medical purposes. They are sold without a prescription, but it is advisable to nevertheless use them in consultation with the doctor. It is a variety of teas, infusions, decoctions, ointments and syrups.

Solzhenitsyn about chaga

The most convincing arguments in favor of the miracle chaga were and remain testimonies. Those who themselves went through the fear of the disease and the miracle of healing.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn was able to capture this evidence, telling about themselves and others in the novel “Cancer Ward.”