Birch boletus Chaga

The birch forest we used to gather birch mushrooms, russula. It is their we are looking diligently pushing the grass and leaves. But if you look on the trunks of some birch trees, we can see the black growths of irregular shape. Some believe that it is a frozen birch juice. But this is not the case. This is also a fungi.

The places where the tree bark is damaged scorching sun, frost-crack, as well as wounds on the spot broken off branches are occupied fungal spores. They germinate to form mycelium inside the first timber wood in the form of filaments (hyphae).

This is the Chaga.
Mushroom bringing eventually death of infected trees, but in the course of his life acquiring the ability to heal the person.

Botanical description

Mushroom growing on the trunks of living trees of many deciduous trees. It often encountered to alder, elm and maple, mountain ash sometimes even beech. Accordingly, it is common where there are growing these trees: in central Russia, the North Caucasus, the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. But healing properties have only birch growths.

Externally Chaga is a solid education, rather large, up to 50 cm in width. In general, they are oval or circular in shape, but their surface is uneven and completely covered with cracks. The older the build-up, so it is darker in color and heavier. Parasitic on the living tree of up to 20 years, Chaga forms specimens weighing from 2 to 5 kg.

The difference from other trutovik

Chaga looks similar to other polypore, so it is useful to know its distinctive features to in gathering not to be mistaken. Otherwise, one cannot obtain healing effect, and some polypore may even cause poisoning.

Most often confused with real chaga and false polypore. How does each of these plants can be clearly seen from the table below.

The name of the fungus

The form of the fungus

How does it look


Round or oval

Furrowed, cracked, has a lot of cracks and a plurality of hillocks

False polypore

In the form of the hoof, convex at the top and flat bottom

Velvety, concentric circles, solid black-brown or grayish-black crust

Real polypore

Semicircular shape with a wide base, flat bottom

Smooth, concentric furrow, solid brown or gray crust

Try to separate the fungus on birch trunk. Polypore (and false, real and) easy to break off, because attached to the trunk of only the upper part. But chaga from the trunk can be separated with difficulty. This is also an essential feature.

Outward differences from polypore and chaga: left is Chaga, right side is polypore

Healing basis of chaga

The chemical composition of chaga is unique, it is also different from all the tinder. Only it was revealed that the chromogenic complex in water-soluble form, which made chaga treasure trove of biologically active substances.

The power of of this complex is that it is able to restore the body on a chemical level, starting again its metabolic abnormalities. This active biogenic stimulator normalizes the activity of enzyme systems, thereby healing the patient body from the inside. We must say that these medicinal substances are deprived of normal plant tissues, as well as the very birch and any other growths on it.

How to procure chaga

In order to the unique properties chaga present in the raw materials maximally, some rules must be followed to collect it. Here are the basics:

  1. Gather a fungus from live birch trees. With the death of the host-birch dies chaga.
  2. The higher the fungus grows, more it is useful. Especially it concerns the of wet birch growing places.
  3. It is better to gather in the leafless vegetation period (early spring, late autumn, winter).
  4. Medicinally use the middle part. It is cut into pieces, dried and used for infusions and decoctions.


Medicinal teas

Here is the recipe of home infuser.
3-4 pieces of matchbox magnitude put in a thermos and pour water 50C degrees. Insist it one day, then pour the infusion into a separate bowl and pour the contents of the thermos again. It is believed that when the tea leaves and 3-4 is the maximum effect. The infusion is diluted to normal tea by boiled water color.

Drink chaga tea can be exactly the same as any black or green tea. However, it different in that it does not contain caffeine, but present in excess nutrients that affect our well-being in the positive sense.

Antioxidant chaga activity primarily affect our health in terms of longevity. Next you will notice improvement in all processes related to digestion. Significant chaga influences of nutrients on the skin. This is due to the normalization of metabolism, eventually completes the purging and removing the slag body (heavy metals, toxins, allergens, etc)

indices of arterial pressure, blood sugar, heart rate - these and other vital human health indicators is also subject to the power of chaga.