Information about the company «Siberian Forest»

We are convinced that the best defense against disease and early old age - not the application of cutting-edge products, when we are sick, and prevention from an early age through proper lifestyle, exercise and a healthy diet.

We believe that the nature of the organic products do not need to be mixed with artificially created and synthesized substances, minerals and vitamins, as is the case with many market participants. Doubtful "mix" of natural and synthesized evokes the feeling that we just do not understand - like this combination and concentration can be achieved by a positive result?

The role we see in the proper analysis and use of mankind's past history on the use of natural ingredients. By the way, in Russia, this technique is considered to be unconventional, but in all of Asia is just such a technique is the most that either there is a traditional.

It is difficult here to argue with the opinion of 3 billion people, is not it?

On our side, the high quality of products is achieved through:

  • quality control of raw materials and the quality of its processing;
  • sterility of technological processes;
  • explore scientific papers and consultations with recognized experts;
  • optimal dosage to achieve the desired effect;
  • reasonable pricing policy, so that the product has been available for many customer

We follow the novelties of the market, studying the experience of the past and are very sensitive to the quality.

It is this attitude, and the attitude to the business, for which we have gathered in the command.