Contraindications for reception Chaga mushroom

Amazing creation of nature, Chaga has a set of useful substances, which is able to help people to deal with the most serious illnesses. It provides a biological human security, providing its powerful adaptogens, antioxidants and immunomodulators.

Clinical trials on the safety chaga

Its application is safe for humans, and it is proven by official studies back in the mid '50s, when happened the official "opening" the miracle of birch fungus

Contraindications in the application

The chaga, like any powerful drug, there are contraindications for use.

  • Chaga is in antagonistic relations with penicillin, which neutralizes the effect of nutrients chaga.
  • It is not recommended intake chaga in the treatment of different types of antibiotics.
  • The same effect is observed, while the use of glucose (intravenous infusion) and receive chaga medications.
  • In chronic dyspeptic disorders (colitis, dysentery) to take drugs from the chaga is also impossible.
  • Do not take drugs chaga to pregnant and lactating women.
  • If allergic reactions should be tested for drug portability of components.
  • Children give chaga possible only after consulting the pediatrician.

If the patient is fluid retention in the body.

How to prepare mushroom

To obtain harmless products of chaga, the fungus is necessary to prepare properly. To prevent toxins in the feed, you need to collect chaga away from cities and industrial development. Chaga actively absorbs harmful substances, so a safe distance - at least 100 km.

The second important condition for safety - Chaga must be properly dried. Russian Pharmacopoeia indicates that the prepared feed should contain 14% moisture. If it is less, then over-dried mushroom lose much of nutrients and high humidity will trigger development of mold, hazardous to health.

How to take chaga correctly

Take chaga therapeutic purposes should only when diagnosed. But in this case it is necessary to consult with your doctor, especially if revealed serious disease.

Taking chaga, you need to know when to stop taking the drug. Generally, treatment takes place in two phases:

The first (1-2 weeks) - there comes relief, decrease pain, inflammation, and inflammation.

The second (up to several months) - improvement in general condition, which must be confirmed by the survey.

Thereafter, the drug should be discontinued. Otherwise, it can cause a disorder of the intestine, as well as increase the nervous excitability. After discontinuation of the fungus all symptoms disappear.

As a preventive measure in the form of take chaga teas, decoctions and infusions. You can use the popular recipes, have already proven to be effective for centuries. But the modern pace of life may dictate another solution - use soluble extracts, on cooking time, which should be no more than a cup of tea or coffee. In prophylactic administration should take a break for 1-2 weeks after each month.

Diet in the treatment by chaga

  • In order to improve the efficiency of the fungus is recommended to follow a diet:
  • Eliminate fatty meats and smoked delicacies
  • Do not use canned foods and animal fats;
  • Do not eat spicy foods, including onions and garlic;
  • To minimize the intake of sweet
  • Priority should be given to vegetable and dairy foods, fruits, bakery bran, eggs;
  • It is better use of the drinks mineral water without gas.