Chaga and sport

People practice reception chaga during sports competitions

Chaga - old vitamin and mineral complex, which is actively used as a kind of vegetable origin energetic combat sports at the northern peoples.

This tradition preserved to the present day. For example, on February 22, the day of the new year on the lunar calendar, is held Altai holiday, which is called "Chaga Bairam." Drinks from the chaga here in priority.

Using the chaga in the USSR for athletes and cosmonauts

The Soviet government officially allowed using of chaga as a means of improving the physical and mental abilities. These means were primarily recommended for athletes and astronauts

This is quite understandable. The chaga is not too active substances that can disrupt the healthy organism. The whole complex of BAS (biologically active substances) chaga has a natural balance, therefore, has a regulating effect: lowers / raises blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, depending on the needs of the organism. Such adapters in nature are not so many. The practical result of applying the chaga athletes and astronauts - gives a burst of energy, improves mood, a person is easier to suffer stress.

For astronauts valuable also radioprotective ability, chaga protects the body against the effects of radiation, restore the blood-forming tissue

Using the chaga in the team competition

As biogenic stimulant, birch fungus prevents fatigue and loss of energy. In addition, a rich mineral composition chaga supports heart function under high loads and ensures strong bones. Silicon and calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper, manganese and iron - these minerals help the team athletes have strong nerves, quick feet and strong hands, as well as to withstand the grueling rounds and periods.

Therefore, Chaga is included in the diet of team sports athletes. This not only special preparations but also a beverages. The food an athlete must fully replenish spent energy. More stress - more calories you need to consume - eat more food. To a large amount of food is well learned in the diet include Puer with chaga. Its composition: black tea and Puer and birch mushroom Chaga.

Chaga in sports medicine

A wide range of biological activity of drugs chaga has long attracted the attention of sports medicine as soon solves some of the most pressing problems of modern sport:

  • How to removthe hypoxia in achieving higher results, which are already extremely high loads;
  • How to neutralize the negative effects of heavy physical exertion and enhanced metabolism in the liver;
  • How to support the immune status and resistibility to infections.

«Sports» recipe of chaga tincture

Chaga medicine, the effect of which is is necessary to wait. This is usually a course of reception over 3-5 months, followed by a break of 10 days, after which you can resume reception.

Here is a recipe chaga infusion to reduce fatigue and improve concentration and performance, to strengthen immunity.

The «Standard» recipe

Rinse the piece of dried mushrooms, soak in cool boiled water overnight. Then press, the remaining water in the fridge. Crushed grated chaga fill with warm water and leave to infuse for two days. Infusion should get quite crowded. Make strainer 10 layers of cheesecloth and strain, dilute with water from the refrigerator to the original volume (1: 5). It will be ready to use the infusion, which must be stored at a temperature no higher than 20 degrees, and in a dark place. Shelf life under these conditions - not more than 5 days. Drink as a tea.

The same tincture can be used in specific diseases:

  • Gastric ulcer: Take every morning, after drinking a full tablespoon of vodka spoon and eating a hard-boiled egg. The gap between the meal and the infusion - one and a half hours.
  • Gastritis and colitis: take the tincture 3 times a day after meals.
  • When constipation: taking this medication for half an hour before a meal.
  • When angina: rinse your throat with tincture for 5 minutes several times a day. The pain starts to go away, phlegm disappear.
  • When a migraine: drink 2 times a day for 30g drink during meals.
  • To strengthen the gums: rinse gums by a decoction after brushing. You can add a decoction of juniper. Period is 1-2 weeks.