The history of the progress of the chaga products - from the decoction to the dry extract

Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) - is a mushroom that settles on birch bark damage in places and grows at the expense of its juices.

Medicinal properties chaga discovered in ancient times. The first mention of chaga was even 4600 years ago. Chinese legend tells that discoverer of the therapeutic properties of chaga was Shen Nong The study of the chemical composition of chaga in the 50s of the twentieth century has shown that it contains a chromogenic complex, which has a powerful antioxidant effect. Were opened a new properties chaga: rejuvenate, strengthen the immune system, cleanse the body of toxins and impurities, to protect against radiation. The number of diseases that have become used chaga are expanded: cancer, diabetes, the whole range of gastrointestinal diseases, blood pressure, varicose veins, arteriosclerosis, adenoma, herpes, depression, psoriasis (Shénnóng), founder of Chinese medicine.

But even more increased attention to chaga as a prophylactic because Chaga not only treats the disease, but also prevents them. It was the industrial production of chaga in the medical and consumer applications, including new forms appeared chaga powder, and then extract. Extract is a substance obtained by extraction (recovery) of useful substances from raw materials. The purpose is to get a product with a high content of valuable substances, to enhance their action.

Benefits of the extract

The therapeutic potential of the raw mushroom in any form (pieces, ground) is less than the extract capabilities. Even if chaga grind to a very of small powder state, it remains raw product, the amount of nutrients in it will not change. The main indicator of the usefulness of chaga, and extract is the presence in it of a chromogenic complex. In its wild chaga index is15%, it may exceed 60% of dry extracts.

Also, great importance is the degree of comprehensibility of nutrients. Raw Chaga is a chitin, which is absorbed by the human body very slowly and in small quantities. The duration of assimilation is 8-10 hours, but in that time has chitin has passé through entire digestive tract and will be removed from the body

Time of preparation - is also an important factor. Self preparation of beverages from raw chaga is a time-consuming process and takes a few days. Harvested mushrooms necessarily have to be dried, as it quickly settles mold. But it is impossible to grind dried mushrooms, and if you want to prepare decoction from it or infusion, it must be macerate for 2 days.

Then grindand this also not so easy. Next, Chaga brewed depending on recipe from a few hours to several days. The resulting product is stored no more than 2 days and then you need start all over again. Beverages from the extract you get immediately.

From what depends the quality of the extract?

Biologically active substances are extracted from a mushroom with water or alcohol. Some nutrients chaga is water soluble, and some are dissolved in alcohol. From what substance must be extracted, and an appropriate method is used. The most active substances of birch fungus, giving it antioxidant and adaptogenic value, are water-soluble and alcohol, they are destroyed. This chromogenic complex (humid acids), polysaccharides, polyphones and flavonoids. That's why alcohol extract is rarely done primarily for outdoor applications.

Extract and the quality depends on the type of drying. There are several methods of drying, but it is important to note that heating the raw materials cannot be higher than 50 degrees, the DNA is destroyed, and the medicinal properties disappear.

When sublimation (drying by freezing) this does not happen, and freeze-dried extracts contain high concentrations of active ingredients. In recent years become used in drying the extract is vacuum-impulse technology, including nana-filtration, osmosis and ultra filtration. The result is the extraction of high soluble product, which is present in Chaga "live" intact. By this technology, for example, made of dry extract fungus "Siberian Forest", concentrate in powder form, comprising a chromogenic complex in an amount of 62%.

How use the extract

If the extracts are used as a preventive measure, the daily rate of the high extraction of the product is 0.5 grams. The extracts are liquid, dense and dry. Product form is also different: the capsule, dry powder, tincture. How find out the dosage?

That's how it should be done, for example, in the case of an extract of "Siberian Forest". Enough dissolved quarter teaspoon of powder in the capsule 1 or 0.5 grams per 100 ml of warm water (temperature less than 50 degrees). Stir and equally divide the volume. The first half of the beverage to drink in the morning on an empty stomach, the second - in the evening for 20-30 minutes before dinner. The drink can be sweetened with honey, sugar (for diabetes - substitutes). Course duration is 3 weeks a week later the course can be repeated.

For treatment, especially chronic diseases such dose is insufficient, it is necessary to increase, and, significantly - several times. But about a particular dosage is necessary to ask the doctor.

Ready drink

There are already balanced for a particular drug. For example, drink "Chaga Mushroom" of the same manufacturer already contains 1 teaspoon 1 portion of preventive chaga extract plus creamer and sugar. It prepares delicious drink that can be cooked quickly. Drink it to raise the general tone and enhance immunity - 2 cups per day. It replaces the coffee - invigorates, but without the caffeine.

Harmlessness birch fungus proved by numerous studies, so extracts are recommended for admission for adults and children from 12 years (for a younger age group studies were not conducted). Contraindications: individual intolerance, pregnancy and lactation, when diagnosed colitis and dysentery, as well as antibiotics and glucose (intravenously).